RSS scope of operation and offerings include but not limited to the sales and marketing of international energy savings bulbs and solutions, inverters, solar panels, batteries, charge controllers etc.

We also deploy reliable and effective alternative sources of energy using solar as the source.

Our energy saving solutions are designed to be used for AC or DC power sources such as:

  • The grid
  • Generator
  • Solar solution
  • Gas turbines

Our products are suitable for home use, national grid, solar street and security lightings, factories, swimming pools etc. RSS is presently building a sales and after sales solutions that will make our products available to all Nigerians.

Areas of competencies:

We deploy sales solutions that gives our target markets increase in access to reliable and certified energy saving solutions ranging from

  • Consumable energy saving bulbs
  • Inverter solution
  • AC and DC energy solution bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Charge controller
  • Solar panels
  • Solar lantern.
  • We deploy renewable energy sources to power the following :

    • Homes
    • Offices
    • Security solutions
    • Street lighting
    • Schools
    • Markets
    • Advertising components
    • Road safety lightings
    • Traffic lighting solutions
    • Parks etc.