Our range of products include:

Consumable Energy Saving Bulbs

This includes our quality and high-performing energy efficient CFL and LED bulbs which are.

Inverter Solution

The solution is ideally suitable for uninterrupted power supply and provides consistent AC output to electrical devices, pumps, motors, etc.


The batteries range from 12 to 48 volts, and conforms with the latest industrial specifications. These primarily serve the purpose of back-up units for both domestic and commercial electrical applications.

Charge Controller

These are devices that help with preventing batteries from getting overcharged and block reverse current, thereby enhancing their overall longevity.

Solar Panel

Our solar panel modules are rated by the power output of DC, which can be anywhere between 100 and 320 watts. The panels are a component of photovoltaic system that comprises a battery, charge controller, an inverter and a solar tracker.