Batteries: Batteries based PVC Systems

RSS as a comprehensive power equipment company sells batteries that are essentially required for electrical installations. Batteries offered by us range from 12 volt to 48 volts and conform to latest industrial specifications. These batteries are supplied primarily as back-up units for electrical applications required in both domestic and commercial units. Battery back up units are ideally required for inverters, telecommunications systems, computer networks, and security surveillance systems. We offer rechargeable batteries as they are more durable and require less maintenance.


Battery Types

Lead-Acid battery

This is the commonest form of battery being used by commercial setups and households in equal popularity. Input voltage is 12 volt with a capacitance of 40 ampere hour. PVC gel acid is used as an electrolyte with terminals made of copper. Separators are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or silicon dioxide. With sulfuric acid, silicon dioxide allows more efficient recombination of gas: up to a maximum limit of 99 percent. This efficient recombination allows lesser maintenance and lesser addition of water. PVD gel content of the electrolyte makes it ideal for solar applications. This battery type with restricted self discharge typically lasts about twelve years.

Application areas are exhaustive and covers both commercial and residential sectors. Typical areas of usage include surveillance systems, fire and emergency, telecommunications; uninterrupted power supply for computers or networked environments; solar powered equipments; emergency lighting; electrically powered vehicles including golf carts, wheelchairs, and bicycles; power tools; and marine instruments.

Lithium iron phosphate

This battery from RSS stands out because of its battery management system (BMS). This basically is a mechanism to protect the battery. Input voltage varies from 24volt to 48 volt with capacitance of 10 ampere hours. Maximum peak discharge is measured at 40 ampere while maximum continuous discharge is calculated at 20 ampere. Maximum power output recorded is 960 watt at 48 volt. During charging of battery input voltage required is 110 volt while output voltage is slightly over 58. Current generated during this process is calculated at 4 ampere.

Our lithium iron batteries are widely used in light motor vehicles like bikes and scooters; photo voltaic cells; electronic equipments and solar powered devices.