RSS: Products – Consumable Energy Saving Bulbs

Our products are innovative, designed aesthetically, and conform to latest industrial standards. Quality and performance are the defining parameters about our products and our consumable energy saving bulbs is not an exception. These essentially are CFL (compact fluorescent light) and LED (light emitting diode) bulbs, designed specifically for conserving energy. Traditional filament lamps and fluorescent tubes are gradually being replaced by these LEDs and CFLs for their lower power consumption and hence greater economy in monthly billing.


Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL)

CFLs are basically compact versions of fluorescent tubes. We manufacture these in forms of spirals, sticks, globes. In spite of their name the light emitted is comparable to incandescent bulbs which is warmer in appearance than fluorescent varieties. Metallic holders of these are in the formation of screws that allow easy and secured fitting. Light emitted from these depend on the total surface area of the CFL.


This is essentially a continuous tube designed in the shape of a spiral. Light emanating from this spiral could be improved by increasing the number of windings; greater the windings more is the light emitted from a CFL.


Several bended sticks could also be made to constitute a CFL. Our sticks pack adequate light into a small space. Normally two or three bended sticks are used to form a lamp.


Globes manufactured by us are essentially spirals covered by an outer dome. From outside these resemble an incandescent bulb, though the light emitted is similar to an incandescent source. Illumination is diffused and of soft-white nature.

There are several benefits of using our CFLs. As compared to incandescent varieties, these consume 50 – 80 percent less power. A CFL of 22 watt is capable of giving the same illumination as a 100 watt filament lamp. With energy consumption reduced by a substantial extent, monthly billing is certain to get restricted. In general billing is reduced by one-third. Durability is another of the important quality of these lamps. On an average these lights last ten times longer than a filament bulb.

The quality of illumination is warm as compared to the cooler kind produced by fluorescent tubes. Use of these lamps reduces environment pollution significantly. When a filament bulb is replaced by a CFL source, carbon dioxide emission is reduced by half ton over the life time of a bulb.


Light Emission Diode (LED) bulbs

These are small solid bulbs used in clusters. These hight efficient light emitting units were initially used singly, such as in instrument panels, computers, electronic equipments, and pen lights. Lately these are increasingly being used as decorative illuminations. We are now manufacturing them as clustered units used in car head lights and flash lights. Unlike other forms of bulbs and light sources, LEDs are focussed and used ideally inside cabinets and as reading lights.

Power used by our LED source is one-third that of CFLs and roughly three percent when compared to incandescent bulbs. A typical LED manufactured by us lasts nearly ten times more than CFL varieties. These prevent heat build-up and is more effective in maintaining a soothing temperature for air-conditioned rooms.